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Monday, December 24, 2007

Business Mode or Taking a Break?

This can be an interesting week, regardless of your plans. Taking some time off to renew and refresh and/or celebrate with those in your life can be invaluable. Shifting gears can bring new perspective to your work when you're ready to return. This is often a time to do things that don't seem to have space allocated for them during any other time of year.

That leads to the possibility that you are not taking time off this week. That, too, can be highly productive, for some of the same reasons. You can meet with people who are more relaxed and open to exploring new possibilities. You can set up new systems within your office to be ready for more business in the new year. You can begin developing a new product. You can clean out a closet that magically drew inordinate amounts of stuff to it in the past decade or more, again, allowing more of the good stuff into your life next year.

Regardless of how this week turns out for you, it will certainly be perfect. Personally, I'm doing a mix of work in the office, some professional and personal socializing, and enjoying my 11th year of walking on the beach on Christmas Day when the temp is always 70 degrees!

Until next time,
Paulette - who doesn't miss the snow one bit



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