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Friday, March 14, 2008

Booklets and Articles for Profits and Publicity

A colleague of mine, Jeff Herring - The Internet Article Guy, is offering a teleseminar series that couldn't be any better match for booklet authors. I encourage you to see what he has to catapult your business. Writing and submitting articles took my own business to a whole new level. Jeff is the go-to guy about this. His series starts Monday, March 17, so click through the link at the bottom of this post to get in on it right away. He's also recording all the sessions in case you can't make all of them in person.


"Article Writing and Article Marketing - Endless
Waves of Prospects, Publicity and Profits”

Here's just a tiny bit of what you'll get in this teleseminar series. I am actually amazed by how much more he's covering. You can see for yourself on his site at

==> The 3 mistakes even experienced article writers make and what to do instead.

==> The most powerful article writing template.

==> How to write articles for more traffic, prospects, publicity & profits.

==> The 3 most common near fatal article submission mistakes.

==> 5 strategies to get your articles picked up and published over those of the competition

==> The 3 most limiting article marketing mistakes.

==> How to get creative when marketing your articles to beat the competition.

==> The 3 most profit killing mistakes just about every article marketer makes.

==> How to monetize your articles.

==> How you can turn just one article into multiple products!

==> And Of Course Much More!!!

Take a look for yourself.
He's making this easy to pay and offers an outstanding guarantee.

Until next time,
Paulette - bringing you valuable resources to make you money

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