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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Reinventing Booklets and Other Business

There's been a theme coming at me a lot lately, of people commenting on how amazed they are with my continuing to expand, modify, create, and morph what started off as a one-title booklet business in 1991.

There's a few things that have caused that to happen, and they are worth sharing with you.

First, I get bored, don't you? Well, maybe you don't. Maybe it takes a lot more for you to be bored than it does me. So I have to keep myself interested and even amused. That's one motivator.

Another is when a revenue stream goes drier than I'd like. I'm fond of good cash flow. Sometimes that, too, comes from boredom, either on my part (for new approaches to my markets) or on the part of my markets.

Speaking of my markets, they often tell me what they want, which has prompted more than a few new products and services or new formats of some products or services in my business. Now this one is really the crux of it, and it's really simple. Two words: pay attention.

Pay attention to what you're hearing and seeing, both within your business and outside of it. You may notice a new product, service, or format that you feel is worth experimenting with in your own business. It could be something that no one knew they wanted until you presented it. Or it could be something your clients, customers, patients, subscribers, prospects or anyone else has been informing you they wanted and you didn't pay attention...until now.

Pay attention, do something new, and see what happens.

Until next time,
Paulette - morphing one more time on September 18

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