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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Teach Your Booklet Buyers as They Teach You

You and your large-quantity booklet buyers each know things the other doesn't. They know ways to use your booklets to help them accomplish their corporate or association goals that you couldn't possibly know because you don't live in their world. You know applications they can use to help them accomplish their goals that they just never considered because they've always done what they've always done.

Years ago a company used a tips booklet as an incentive for people on their direct mail list to let it be known they were receiving duplicate copies of mailings. It was less expensive for the company to give away a tips booklet than to continue sending duplicate mailings. The booklet author had no idea about this usage because she didn't live in the client's world.

A company recently licensed the PDF version of a booklet to use as a thank-you for subscribing to the company's online newsletter. It never occurred to the company to do this until the booklet author suggested it. The company has seen a marked increase in the number of subscribers by offering this valuable booklet.

Teach and learn, learn and teach -- collect more money as a result.

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