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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Bulk Promotional Distribution at Conferences

You may have heard me suggest that a great way to sell booklets and other information products in bulk is to associations and conference producers, especially when a sponsor for the event is the one footing the bill for the product.

A notice arrived this week about a page-a-day calendar in which I was fortunate to be included with a tip. The organizer of the calendar is actively promoting and selling it, both through the contributors to the calendar and way beyond that.

Her notice was about the launch of this 2009 calendar being at an upcoming event, where the calendars would be on the tables of the gala dinner of 400 guests. Here's part of the announcement.

The 2009 Woman's Advantage Calendar will be launched

at the national conference of Women Impacting Public Policy (WIPP) in

Washington, DC next week. The calendar will be placed on all tables at the

annual gala dinner on Monday night and I will address the anticipated audience

of 400 to share with them some of my favorite tidbits of advice from the calendar.

Mary Cantando

Gain The Woman's Advantage in Business

1013 Erin's Way
Raleigh, NC 27614

I asked Mary if she was donating them for promotional purposes or if a sponsor was providing them. Being the smart business person she is, Mary has had sponsors both last year and this year for the calendar. How much ya wanna bet that some or many of those recipients will want to order copies of that calendar for people they know? The sponsor paid Mary to market Mary. Way to go, Mary!

Until next time,

Paulette - always loving it when someone goes "one to many" instead of "one to one."


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At 4:51 AM, Anonymous Mary Cantando said...

Paulette, I thought your readers would also want to know that we've affixed a sticker to the back of every calendar box that reads: "Like this Calendar? See our other products at www.WomansAdvantage.biz "

Sometimes you can do this and sometimes you can't; it depends on how the sponsor wants to include their info. I generally try to get them to put something on the front cover (or in the case of a book, it can be on the inside flap of a book) which leaves the back open for me to promote my products for women business owners.


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