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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

New Year Babies

That's frequently what many booklet authors do at the beginning of the year - they (you) birth a new booklet. I am all in favor of it, as long as it makes sense for you. Some people work best with a date as a goal. That's either an externally established one by some circumstance like a trade show or speaking engagement, or a somewhat arbitrary one to get yourself in motion.

Someone wrote to me today saying two booklets would be written and printed by January 17 (2008). Um, ok. I have no clue about the condition of the document, as to whether it will be edited by someone other than the author. Or if a professional graphic designer will be involved. And if the printing will be the recommended traditional offset printing rather than by a quick-copy shop. These are all things I've learned over the past 16+ years doing booklets, including time frames that typically occur for the entire process.

Can those two booklets be written and printed by January 17, 2008? Yes, it is possible. Is it likely? Donno. Too many unknowns on my end of the communication. That is in no way intended to be a discouragement or a gesture of pessimism. It's simple that I do not know. And the author may not have realized all of what's involved to do the content justice. We'll find out!

The baby you birth will be beautiful if for no other reason than it is yours. That's plenty enough! How you choose to dress it, well, that's a different story. Let's talk about the most appropriate "wardrobe" for your "baby," while the congratulations continue.

Until next time,
Paulette - eager to see the members of the class of 2008



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