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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

I Met You a Year Ago and I'm Ready Now

Yesterday I was on the phone with someone who has decided to participate in a Collection of Experts. I knew the person's name was familiar to me, yet couldn't quite place why or from where, in spite of my above-average memory. As we chatted, the person told me where and when we had met, and I immediately recalled that meeting.

At the time, I had no clue what might be purchased from me, if anything, and certainly didn't know when it would happen, hence no particular spot in my memory. The person was invited to participate in the Collection of Experts by a colleague we both know.

The point of all of this is to basically remind you and myself to keep on keepin' on. You truly never do know who will be ready to buy whatand when they will be ready to do it. I happened to have been at the event where I met that person to ultimately sell my products and services. What I often forget is that many times sales happen way after the fact in settings like that, when I am a workshop speaker at a conference. That may be the case with you, too, or be some theme and variations of that.

Bottom line, keep on keepin' on. Do your marketing, introduce new products and services, connect however you can. People will tell you they met you a year ago and be ready to buy from you now, when you have what resonates for them, and they had a positive connection to you initially.

Until next time,Paulette - appreciating people telling me they enjoy the varied ways I sign these blog entries :-)


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