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Monday, July 31, 2006

What to Say to Bulk Booklet Buyers

Some of my most favorite clients on the planet recently shared with me a recording of a telephone sales call they had with a corporate decision maker, someone they hoped would buy their booklets. They wanted me to critique the call, which I was more than happy to do. They are early in their process of selling booklets. They have some excellent materials from an expert in selling to big companies, and they are good students.

Their call was one of those experiences that leave you (as the caller) wondering how many things were possible to do 'wrong' in such a call. Fortunately, it sounded like they never really had a chance with their prospect, so it became one of those famous learning opportunities.

The sole thing to keep in mind throughout anything like this is to put yourself into the mindset of the person you're talking to.

Because of that, it will bring you to identifying ways your booklet will help the prospect:

* make more money
* save money
* gain market share (which is a variation of make more money)
* distinguish the company from their competitors (again make more money)
* have greater name recognition (make more money)

That's it. That's pretty much all there is. Yes, I know it's all pretty mercinary. However, it gets your message out to that wide reach you are aiming at and makes YOU money in the process. See what happens when you take that stance.

Until next time,

Monday, July 24, 2006

The Pros and Cons of Do’s and Don’ts

Here's a tip I recently sent to SpeakerNetNews.com for their excellent weekly ezine:

Use positive verbs to tell the reader or listener what TO do rather than what NOT to do.
Telling them what not to do leaves them without guidance once they’ve followed your
suggestion. With many areas of expertise, people have been told what not to do all
their life (i.e. Don’t eat that, don’t spend that, don’t go there, etc.) You will be of much
greater service by saying what TO do.

The additional risk is when the reader or listener doesn’t notice or wasn’t aware that a
particular list is headed with “Don’t” or “Myths.” There is an unnecessarily high likelihood
of misinterpretation and misunderstanding.

This applies to tip sheets, tip booklets, books, audio products, speeches, interviews,
and any other format you can imagine.

Here's a response I got from one of their subscribers:

In the early years of my career I was an economics professor. My third year teaching, I was determined to help my students avoid a common error that introductory economics students make. I explained the error in detail, told the class why it was an error, what the correct analysis was. I did everything I could to help them understand the erroneousness of the common fallacy. Then I gave them the exam, and they did far worse than classes had my first two years of teaching. One of my best friends on the faculty was an educational psychologist. I told her my story, she laughed, and said, "They remember what you emphasize and repeat." They don't remember all the details, like you saying 'This is wrong,' but they remember the concept you went over time and time again. So in the future, just tell them what's right and accept that a few of them will make a mistake."

Thanks for the reminder.

Bill Conerly

Better decisions through a better understanding of the economy!

' Thought you'd find it interesting.

Until next time,

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Promo Resource and Keeping Up with The Times

An email announcment arrived this week from a trusted resource, indicating an overhaul in his business. I want to share this with you because of the particularly useful services he provides and to make the point about the importance of change. Like me, he is very much a no-nonsense person. Maybe it has to do with people named Paul or Paulette. I also found him to be a pussy cat when I had the pleasure of meeting him in person a few years ago. Hmmm, another similarity we have. Regardless, he is top drawer, and one of a small handful of people in the PR field I hold in high regard. Here's what he sent.

Paul Krupin here. I'm sharing with you news that can help you improve
your publicity ROI.

I have changed the name of my Imediafax Service to Direct Contact PR
and totally improved the site. Times have changed and faxing news
releases is no longer as effective as using custom targeted email.
So I've dropped the Imediafax name, even though it has branded and is

widely recognized. Oh well. Time to start over with a new name. Direct Contact
is my original business DBA and domain from way back in 1993. The purpose
is to help people communicate better and get in direct contact. That's what I've
always been about.

The Direct Contact PR web site has been totally re-designed and
re-engineered the web site to deliver more of the PR ROI educational
strategy articles and real time, experience based tactical advice
that my clients want and enjoy the most. So thank you all for giving
me the feedback. This is for you.

Using the resources here will help you get more publicity quickly.
The tactics here work. The stories and success told here is real
and what you'll find here is simply inspirational.

There is a whole new and extensive focus on PR Success Stories and
free downloads - pdf files filled with example news releases you can
use as models for your own.

Learn to use my 3 I Technique and dramatically improve your publicity
success. What is the 3 I Technique?

1. Identify a Success Story

2. Imitate it.

3. Innovate with Your Own Information.

Learn to follow these three simple steps and you can quickly and
easily create a news release of your own that absolutely nails
readership interest and editorial interest on the first try.

And of course I'm giving you free access to the Success Stories.
Just pick one or more and go for it.

The Direct Contact PR web site contains an ever-expanding battery of
helpful tools and articles so you can learn how to use PR more effectively quickly.

Here's a sample of some of the most important articles people have
told me they enjoy and appreciate the most (just click on the links
to go to the article):

The Hot Button Theory: Maximizing Media Response to Your News

Why News Releases Fail -- The Most Common Reasons & What to Do About

Creating a Publicity Plan

Create a Better News Release with "The 3 I Technique"

Hitching a Ride on Current Events

Tracking your publicity success and effectiveness


This is a whole new section of the web site designed to capture our
latest PR accomplishments with downloadable files so you can see the
actual news release used if you are intrigued by the success story.
Use these as your models and apply the 3 I Technique.

Come see for yourself check out the samples and client publicity
success stories

You can look over the latest ongoing PR adventures we're having with
the people we work with. For each one, you can then download the pdf
file of the news release, as well as the links and email of the authors or publishers.
Each of these is designed to be a mini-online media center for each


The new free download section is loaded with free News Release Sample
Packages (in pdf files) - organized by the type of publicity so that you
can again learn how to succeed by following in the steps of others who
have been successful.

The same section has a number of specialized Publicity Tools
including news release checklists and my annual publicity plan all
free for your utilization.

So enjoy the site, and please remember that I'm PAUL KRUPIN AND MY
DIRECT CONTACT PR services are dedicated to providing you with ROI
driven expertise for your public relations strategies, publicity planning, media
campaigns, news releases, copywriting, and custom targeted publicity services.

If you are ready to get started, just send your news release to me by
email and give me a phone call. Tell me about yourself so I can come
up to speed and advise you intelligently. It's that simple.

If you have any questions or requests don't hesitate to call.

Paul J. Krupin Custom Targeted PR
Reach The Right Markets with The Right Message with The Right Media


Until next time,

Monday, July 17, 2006

Whose Reality is it Anyway?

Today was a first. One of my most enthusiastic consulting clients who has worked with me at warp speed for a month and a half expressed sincere concern that only 10 of her booklets had been sold so far. She asked me what was she doing wrong.

I wasn't sure she was actually being serious in her question. My reason? Her booklets had been delivered 5 days ago. Yes, that's right, less than a week. Now, I work quickly, quicker than lots of people. This client, however, leaves me in the dust and makes me look like I haven't even started. Is it possible for her to make a single sale of zillions of copies to one buyer? Yes, it is, and that could happen any day, literally.

Her enthusiasm is noteworthy. There's no doubt in my mind she is among those who will surpass my own results of selling over a million copies. Am I someone who will hold her back? Not a chance. She reminds me of the above-average parent who brings a genious into the world, and has to work very hard to keep up with the child. I can keep up with this client, most certainly.

She is very different than the client who recently asked me if I thought they could have their booklet completed and produced by October, which was an equally sincere question. Yes, it is very possible to get the thing done by October (today is July 17), once the booklet is written. I have no idea how much of the booklet manuscript has been written.

I once had a client sequester himself in a hotel room for 24 hours immediately after attending a full-day class I presented. His booklet was ready (aka fully designed and printed) within a couple of weeks.

What is your reality? Your reality will dictate your results, as obvious a comment as that may seem. I've seen both ends of the spectrum, and it really truly boils down to you and what reality you create.

Until next time,

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

And the Price Is?

A conversation on a publishing list today prompted what I view as a perfect response about pricing. The initial thread was about pricing ebooks. Someone threw a very wide range of noticing everything from $0.49 to $297 for ebooks. Then another countered with a reference to a $3500. The essence of the conversation pointed to calling the publication something other than an ebook to allow for the higher pricing. Then came the response I absolutely embrace:

Publishers are in the information business. And as to the price for information, the sky is the limit. One of our jobs is to price our product as high as the market will bear.

By the way, the link to the $3500 product is http://tinyurl.com/pgvsl

The person to thank for the response is:
Gus Maximus
The Art of Gamefare, the art of winning.
It's Digital Kung-Fu

Until next time,

Friday, July 07, 2006

Booklets with Your Kids

A few weeks back, a client phoned to collect on some consulting time that came with a product he purchased from me. That consulting time is always fascinating on my side of the line since I never ever know what the client will bring to the experience.

This time the person has several ideas for booklets. The first idea seemed to have a short life span with a negative approach and I told him so. The second idea, however, was something I really encouraged him to do. It was a topic of great interest to his teenage daughter and was something they could work on together. So, for starters, that partnership had a lot of merit in my opinion. And the topic itself was one with a very large universe, which meant there was a high likelihood they could make a lot of money on he booklet if they made the effort at all. Not only would the father and daughter have a project to work on together, they would both learn about writing, producing, and marketing a product. That can only be a Good Thing, in my opinion.

Where can that work in your own life, with your own children, nieces or nephews, or grandchildren? 'Never quite thought about that yet, did you? Well now you will. Let me know how it develops, would you?

For now,

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Booklets - Think in 4's

What about planning the creation of 4 booklets at once? Why 4, you ask? The great thing about 4 is that you can immediately have a conversation with a bulk booklet buyer that centers on a commitment to buy a certain number of booklet number one the first quarter of the year, the same quantity of booklet number two the second quarter of the year, and so forth for the third and fourth quarters of the year. This is called a continuity program. It's good for your client in planning a year-long campaign, and it's good for your exposure and cash flow throughout the year. It's creating a relationship as a trusted vendor rather than a flash-in-the pan single transaction.

Until next time,

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Booklets - How Many Copies a Buyer Really Needs

I frequently talk about suggesting different formats of a booklet manuscript to a large-quantity buyer as a way for the author to broaden out the sale. Today a booklet author created a way to help a bulk buyer calculate how many booklets they could actually use for promotional purposes. I thought the idea was brilliant, and one I'd never formally considered.

Think of the different applications a particular bulk buyer has for using your booklet, such as sending a copy to:
* Each current client
* Anyone who opens a new account
* People who schedule a sales call
* Members of a particular audience

These are very few ideas to get you started, and need modification based on the activities of your bulk buyer. It's a great calculator, though, and a way to look beyond the first most obvious (and smaller quantity) of booklets.

Until next time,

Monday, July 03, 2006

Of Course You Have the Answer

I was at the huge annual zillion-year-old San Diego County Fair yesterday. My feet will rejoin my otherwise well-functioning body by tomorrow, I'm sure. 'Happens every year. After walking around for about 5-6 hours, my friends and I plopped ourselves onto several bales of hay in the farm section of the fair before determining where we would walk next. Every year there is a theme, and this year was no different. There is an artist named Wyland up the coast who paints murals of whales, and there was a building somewhere on the fairgrounds on which he had painted a mural this season. We wanted to see it and, as you can appreciate, didn't want to walk a single step more than necessary at this point.

Along strolled a security guard. We figured he'd know, and of course I told him I was sure he'd have the answer. He looked at us and pulled out his two-way walkie talkie, asking someone else where the place was that we wanted. He got the answer for us. He then said he'd been assigned to a different section of the fair than where we had found him, so he wasn't familiar with the place we were asking about. Then he smiled when I reminded him I was sure he'd have the answer for us.

He knew how to get the answer, how to get the result, how to successfully come up with what was asked of him. I saw that as a model of every business that runs well.

It doesn't mean you or I or anyone else has to keep everything in stock that's related to our business. It means that somewhere within our reach, someone has the solution to just about any challenge someone presents. It took this security guard one contact. It may take you or me 3 or 4 or more, though unlikely.

When you bring your booklet to a bulk buyer, and it's not exactly a fit, find out what they want, and make a couple of phone calls or emails to see who does have exactly what was wanted. It's how you serve your client's business, your colleague's business, and your own business.

Of course you have the answer. It's all a matter of knowing where to look.

Until next time,